Music, Culture and Society : A conversation with Eduardo Valencia from Quita Penas

Segment: D Report
Topic: Music, Culture and Society
Participants: A conversation with Eduardo Valencia, Musician and Educator UCR Alumni, KUCR staff, Band Member of Quita Pena .
Broadcast Air Date: 03/24/ 17 on KUCR 88.3 FM.
Time: 5:15 PM (PST)
KUCR station page:

Discussion points:

– How does Psychology, Sociology connect to labor and music?
– The Inland empire and warehouse work. – KUCR and college life.
– Can you bring your past on to the college experience?
– How do we find our place?
– The myth of… “Study so you don’t have to work like us!”
– What is culture? Does Culture have a name?
-What do you call this? It tastes delicious!!

Music Credit:
Song: La Bestia
Composer: D. Gomez
Release Date: 2017-03-312
Music Publisher: Names You Can Trust Publishing BMI
Copy rights held by original artists.
Click the link for more information: La Bestia by Quita Penas

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Segment produced in KUCR, the radio station of the University California in Riverside.
Disclaimer: The views expressed are the sole responsibility of the respective speakers and do not represent the endorsed position of the UC Regents, UC Riverside or KUCR.

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