Unpacking White Supremacy: Adding History Context

Topic: Unpacking White Supremacy: Adding History Context
Segment: D Report
Participants: Elliot Kim, Public Historian
Broadcast Air Date: 8/18/17 on KUCR 88.3 FM.
Time: 5:15 PM (PST)
KUCR station page: http://www.kucr.org
Archive page: https://soundcloud.com/stoppretending
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Discussion Points
– What is white supremacy?
– What is the relationship of White Supremacy and with violence?
– How is the term White supremacy in incomplete?
– Do we have to excuse our descriptions for the incidents in Charlottesville?
– Is “Hate speech” applicable of the Alt-right the protest Organizers?
– Have we learned to double speak?
– Why do we say the ” two sides” are equal?
– Did the ant–fa and anarchists save lives from being crushed by racists?
– What is the historical context of White Supremacy?
– What is the social construction of race?
– Is racism ancient?
– Race and racism develops in the rise of colonialism?
– The Irish weren’t White?
– How does the colonial enterprise marks the construction of whiteness?
– What is the intersectional analysis of the incidents Charlottesville?
– White supremacy is a process of erasure.
– White supremacy is a resurgence of the context of national basis?
– What are the models of whiteness?
– Why no one taken seriously if they believe race is biological real?
– Why can’t white supremacy be limited to hatred?
– The creation of whiteness in its inception activates white supremacy?
– The norm, the point of comparison is part of white supremacy.
– What does I mean to protect whiteness.
– What is the history of whiteness?
– Is whiteness protecting the status of privilege?
– The creation of whiteness can be documented?
– The insistence of defending whiteness is a denial of your specific history?
– Can we divorce ourselves from these cancerous terms?
– What if there is beauty in calling yourself white?
– Isn’t calling yourself white a denial of people’s original history?
– Hasn’t whiteness been about erasing of family history?
– Whiteness has been a blunt instrument to beat people into assimilation.
– Can we stand up against violence and hatred?
– What if you don’t identify or present as white?
– White supremacy activates nation building and legal construct.
– What about the white only citizenship criteria.
– Whiteness has benefitted people up to his morning?
– Are we working hard to pass as white and make our children white?
-Is the US citizenship a form of implication to whiteness?
– Does white supremacy activate fear?
– Can you disassociate your selves from the violence of Charlottesville if you still benefit from whiteness?

Segment produced in KUCR, the radio station of the University California in Riverside.

Disclaimer: The views expressed are the sole responsibility of the respective speakers and do not represent the endorsed position of the UC Regents, UC Riverside or KUCR.


  1. what was the name of the Spanish song played after? It was a man giving a speech or something like that? it was around 5:53pm.


    • Check the YouTube link below.

      It is a reading of a final message from Cuauhtemoc, the last Aztec emperor.

      Original artist retains all copy rights.


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