An Inland Empire Response to DACA Rescission

Topic: Inland Empire Responds to DACA Rescission
Segment: D Report
Participants: Alondra  with Inland Empire Immigrant Youth Collective, Luis  with Inland Coalition for Immigrant Justice and Rubyd with  PODER ( Providing Opportunities, Dreams and Education in Riverside)
Broadcast Air Date: 9/15/17 on KUCR 88.3 FM.
Time: 5:15 PM (PST)
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Discussion Points

– How does the DACA rescission affects UC Riverside?
– Why does the Riverside sheriff department collaborate with California Border Patrol?
– What is a collateral arrest?
– Are the students at UC Riverside affected by the Inlands empire’s high deportation enforcement?
– What did UC Riverside Chancellor Wilcox’s statement say about DACA?
– Isn’t 800,000 and incomplete number because every DACA recipient has a family and community that will be affected?
– What is the intersection between humanitarian and economic self-interests?
– Are people more than money contributions?
– Can we stop deportations to stop family separations?
– How do we as undocumented folk, speak about our stories?
– Are some people thrown under the bus, in the distinction between DACA and comprehensive immigration reform?
– DACA was only a band aid?
-DACA only address 7% of the undocumented community?
– What happens when we highlight the humanity aspect immigration reform instead of focusing on the economic contributions?
– What if use our connections to place, families and communities to prove why we deserve to stay?
– How does the present conversation narrative, open doors for some people and close for others?
– What happens to the 60-year-old grandmother that isn’t a DACA recipient?
– What criteria do we use to outline the “ good immigrant” that deserves support?
– What if I am not enrolled in college, wasn’t valedictorian , didn’t serve in the military and am not 25; don’t I still deserve to be part of this community?
– How did DACA create a platform to include others?
– How diverse is the immigrant community?
– How do recognize an in immigrant community that includes Haiti, Philippines, Guatemala, LGBTQ and people with criminal records?
– Joe Arpio got second chance, then why can’t undocumented people with criminal records get a second chance?
– Why do some communities feel uncomfortable coming out as undocumented?
– What happens if we change the words of the conversation?
– Can we challenge the construction of the “immigrant?”
– Am I an immigrant if have been in the US since I was 9 months and am now in my 40s, but don’t have legal documentation?
– Why is the person raised outside of US, but returning as a US citizen not an immigrant, yet I have been here my whole life and I am called an immigrant?
– How does California senate Bill 54  allow for new language in referencing “Californians?”
– Who is representative Sabrina Cervantes and does she support SB54?
– Why did the Riverside sheriff department detain and hand over to Ice Guadalupe Paciencia, if she is a US Citizen?
– Did I consent to be though of an “other” , by calling my self in accepting immigrant as a terms of definition?
– When u tell us to we are not from Los Angeles or not from Riverside, you not only insulting us, you are being inaccurate?
– Is your home where you make memories?
– Is the term immigrant code of recent arrival?
– is the immigrant discourse a frame that states, we can be removed because we are not really from here?
– what if embracing the immigrant terms is empowering because it gives rooms embrace bi-national and bi cultural connections?
– Is Trump’s narrative working because now we are considering not calling ourselves immigrants?
– Shouldn’t we be pushing back by calling ourselves immigrants?
– what are the contradictions in reframing the discourse?
– Are you a recent arrival if you have been here for 50 years?
– Isn’t 50 years more than 10 years?
-After so many years of investment, you cant easily tell people to leave?
-If Joe Arpio was calling himself an immigrant, would he have been pardoned?
– The brown body , the immigrant regardless of multiple generations in the US?
– How does our community empower us?
– When are the DACA renewal clinics?
– The IE immigrant friendly?
– Saturday 16, 20017 from 9 to 3 pm in North Vista High School
– PODER has fund raiser for DACA renewal.
– Checkout SB 54
– What are the benefits of California being a sanctuary state?
– How does organic community work become magnified with institutional support?
– what are the ways the community will continue fighting and thriving?
– Why will the California Values Act have greater impact in San Bernardino?
– How can DACA involvement serve as wider support for all the people?

Segment produced in KUCR, the radio station of the University California in Riverside.

Disclaimer: The views expressed are the sole responsibility of the respective speakers and do not represent the endorsed position of the UC Regents, UC Riverside or KUCR.

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