Huerta Del Valle: Raices , Cultura y Tradicion

Topic: Huerta Del Valle: Raices , Cultura y Tradicion
Segment: D Report
Participants: Arthur Levine, Project manager with Huerta del Valle.

Broadcast Air Date: 03/23/18
Time: 5:15 PM (PST)
Station: KUCR 88.3 FM Riverside, CA
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Segment produced in KUCR, the radio station of the University California in Riverside.
Disclaimer: The views expressed are the sole responsibility of the respective speakers and do not represent the endorsed position of the UC Regents, UC Riverside or KUCR.

Discussion Topics:
-Is Huerta Del Valle the only community garden the city of Ontario?
-Is Huerta Del Valle opening a second location in Jurupa Valley?
-What will Huerta Del Valle do with access to a 35-million-dollar grant?
-What were the original goals of Huerta Del Valle?
– How have the resources been shared from the city, through Huerta del Valle, to the community?
-What is the Transformative Climate Communities (TCC) grant?
– Did the city of Ontario gain access to the TCC grant through the work of the people?
-What are the different forms of health?
-What are the different conversations about community gardens?
-Can community gardens be radically transformative?
-Are there any places to meet with friends left where there is no obligation of capitalism consumption?
-What is the power of gardening practices to counter act global warming?
-How are people’s lives transformed by attending open garden spaces?
– How can we use the action of creating garden spaces as catalysts to empower people?
– Are community gardens inherently political?
– Is the human condition by default, an expression of beauty?
– Are humans positive and good by default?
– What happens to humans when they have to invest in growing something?
-How will our society change, when there are so many community gardens that we don’t have to drive to get the food we need?
-Can we envision a community garden in every mile?
-Is it possible to work with systems of politics and capitalism while trying to spread consciousness of an alternative future?
-What is sweat equity?
– How do we improve people’s material conditions through community gardens?
-Is the US environmental movement dismissive of people of color?
– Do you have to know the name of capitalism in order to strategically navigate the economic system?
– Are you an amazing revolutionary if you use the front lawn of your apartment complex to grow food?
– April 7, 2018 – Raices, Cultura y Tradicion  is the 5th annual celebration of the community  garden. Huerta Del Valle  is located  next to Bon View park in Ontario  California.

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