Texas v. Hernandez (1954): Mexican Americans- A Different Class of White?

Topic:Texas v.  Hernandez (1954)
Participants: Daniel
Broadcast Air Date:  0 3/06/2020
Time: 5:15 PM (PST)
Station: KUCR 88.3 FM Riverside, CA
KUCR station page: http://www.kucr.org
Archive pages: https://soundcloud.com/stoppretending, http://www.dreport.org

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Segment produced in KUCR, the radio station of the University California in Riverside.

Disclaimer: The views expressed are the sole responsibility of the respective speakers and do not represent the endorsed position of the UC Regents, UC Riverside or KUCR.

Discussion Topics:

  • What is the difference between legal racial classification and  the practice of racial classification?
  • What is race as social construct?
  • How does the field of genetics provide evidence for the evaluation of race as a social and not biological?
  • What is culture?
  • What  do  the  terms Mexican, Mexican-American,  Salvadorian Mean?
  • When did concept “Race” and practice of  race -making enter the Americas?
  • Why does the Hernandez v. Texas (1954) argue  than Mexican in Texas are  racially White?
  •  Why did the treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo result in white classification for the Mexican nationals  that remain in converted American territory?
  • If  Mexicans in Texas are legally White, then can they argue  race-based discrimination by not being allowed to  serve in juries?
  • Why didn’t the petitioners in Hernandez v. Texas argue that they were not White in order to apply  race-based discrimination to legal analysis?
  • Does the 14th amendment apply  US constitutional  protection to differential class  treatment?

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