A Second Round of COVID19 Graduations: Celebrating Through Uncertainty and Recognizing Achievements

“ …this was an intense year of mutual aid, of people stepping-in when systems failed…  we were really finding ways to be accountable for one other and that is what I am so grateful for. That is what continues to give me hope.”

– Precious Fasakin

Topics:   Graduation, College, COVID-19, Family, Community
Title: A Second Round of COVID-19 Graduations:  Celebrating  Through Uncertainty and Recognizing Achievements
Participants: Precious Fasakin
Publish Date: 05/17/2021
Homepage : http://www.dreport.org

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Discussion Topics:

  • How do we  prepare to graduate during a second year into the COVID19 pandemic?
  • How do you study Economics through a lens of justice?
  • What does it mean to be an “applied  student?”
  • An anthropology research project examining the “culture of incarceration in the United States.”
  • How did teaching through COVID19 social distance classes change the availability for teachers to support students?
  • Dr. Linda Jean Hall
  • “Research is we search.”
  • How do we prepare for a life without school structure, after graduation?
  • How does college attendance structure people’s lives differently from those that did not attend college?
  • Thinking about  graduation with considerations of the pandemic.
  • How did  going to school help us maintain a semblance of normalcy while coping through COVID19?
  • How do give ourselves credit for stepping up to help those in need  when systems  failed?
  •  How do we give credit to our families for making sure we continued with our commitment to education ?

Image by McElspeth from Pixabay 

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