Dine & Hopi  Women:  Semiconductor Weavers

Participants:  VaNiesha Honani and Nicholas Rajen
Publish Date: 09/07/2022

Homepage : http://www.dreport.org

Also available on:

Apple Podcasts, RadioPublic, Spotify, Soundclound

  • Conversation Topics:
  • What  does a  QA engineer do?
  • What is the Fairchild plant project story?
  • Native  and indigenous community were naturally engineers?
  • What is the story of  Hopi women in  Semiconductor manufacturing?
  • Who is Richard Feynman?
  • Where is  California Indian Nations College?
  • What is the relationship between semiconductor circuitry design and Navajo tapestry design?
  • What are the different narratives about our respective communities?
  • Have the STEM fields always been considered spaces for white men only?
  • What is the story of indigenous women in the semiconductor and computer science field?
  •  How many Native Americans participate in coding?
  •  How do we incorporate our community traditions into our professional spaces?
  • How  has  the  semiconductor shaped our current reality?
  • What are the roles of  women in STEM?
  •  Women have been  left out of recognition  from the great discoveries?
  • What is  Rosalind Franklin  relation to  discovery of  DNA Molecule?
  • Emmy Noether mathematician
  •  What is role of the semiconductor in our lives?
  • How did a Fairchild’s semiconductor factory end up in the Navajo reservation?
  • What is the relationship between the Hopi weaving design and the final semiconductor design?
  • How do we connect the history of  colonialism, Native communities, and the Fairchild’s semiconductor factory  placement on a  reservation to employ native women?
  • Why did Hewlett Packard (HP) follow the Fairchild project of  establishing manufacturing plants Hopi and Navajo land?
  • Why do we need to understand the history of  colonialism  to understand  why the Fairchild semiconductor plant was built on a Native American reservation?
  • Were the semiconductor engineers inspired by the native American sand paintings?
  • Why are the resources of Hopi and Navajo nations quantified and targeted by corporations?
  • Did the semiconductor circuit design copy the Navajo rug design?
  •  When did the American Indian Movement take over the Fairchild semiconductor plant?

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