Left Coast Forum: Opening spaces for dialogue

Topic: Left Coast Forum, community building. Race as social construct, activism
Segment: D Report
Participants: Sharon Kyle, Co-Editor and Publisher, LA Progressive
Broadcast Air Date: 08/24/18
Time: 5:15 PM (PST)
Station: KUCR 88.3 FM Riverside, CA
KUCR station page: http://www.kucr.org
Archive pages: https://soundcloud.com/stoppretending, http://www.dreport.org

Send comments about this segment to: comments@dreport.org

Segment produced in KUCR, the radio station of the University California in Riverside.

Disclaimer: The views expressed are the sole responsibility of the respective speakers and do not represent the endorsed position of the UC Regents, UC Riverside or KUCR.

Discussion Topics:
-What is the Left Coast Forum 2018?
– Were there any surprises from the first Left coast forum in 2017?
-How do we open up spaces of dialogue to be inclusive of everyone?
– What kinds of conversations are shared in the Left Coast Forum?
– Do we need to go to the Ivy League schools to learn about the capitalist system?
-Is the Left Forum in New York different from the Left Coast Forum in Los Angeles?
– Is academic discourse also available outside of Colleges and Universities?
– How do we assess the importance of public space for a healthy society?
– Can we re-appropriate the public space via access of community college settings?
– Where can we openly congregate to have conversations about the important subjects affecting our lives?
– Have you read, City of Inmates: Conquest, Rebellion, and the Rise of Human Caging in Los Angeles, by Kelly Lytle Hernández?
– How is the subject of race central to understanding the Left Coast Forum?
– Is the progressive movement ready to address race critically?
– What is the history of race as a social invention?
– How did bacon’s rebellion lead to the creation of whiteness and non-whiteness?
– How do we overcome the taboo against talking about race?
– Have you read the book ,The Invention of the White Race by Theodore W. Allen?
– How do we become liberated from the racial construct?

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