Cultivo Nepantla:Working with Mycelium, Knowledge and Community.

Topic: Cultivo Nepantla, Mycelium,   Cancun,  Mushrooms, Sustainable Future,
Cultivo Nepantla:Working with Mycelium, Knowledge and Community.
Participants: Susie Sanchez Valenzuela and  Alfonso  Enrique Valenzuela,  Founders of Cultivo Nepantla
Release Date:
Time: 5:15 PM (PST)
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Discussion Topics:

  • How does your perspective change, if you move from Riverside to Cancun?
  • Do you ask yourself, “who are we?,” “where do we come from?”
  • How do we explain a leaving the United states to older generations that risked so much to enter the United States?
  • Would our movements be more free-flowing, if national borders did not exist?
  • Did the grand-parents of our grand-parents have the same life questions that we have today?
  • What are some things that you cannot take with you when you move from the United States to Mexico?
  • What does it mean to be “Mexican- American” in Mexico?
  • How do we acknowledge that our past experiences are preparation for this time we are now living?
  • Can we accept starting from zero as a necessary experience of growth?
  •  How do we convert non-assets in the United States into assets in Mexico?
  •  How did COVID-19 affect the tourist industry in Cancun?
  •  COVID-19 shut down global economies but also created new opportunities?
  •  What does the term Nepantla mean?
  •  Nepantla means, occupying the spaces in-between.
  • Creating a bridge with people, knowledge and community.
  • How does the mushroom connect our world in endless ways?
  • What is the circular economy?
  • This moment is asking for something new.
  • What can we learn from mushrooms?
  • Mycelium connects our natural world.
  • Can Mycelium be used to breakdown   cardboard?
  • What are the rules for how resources are produced, distributed and consumed  in the local economy?
  • What are the many possibilities for Cultivo Nepantla?
  • Can we convert waste into food?
  • Follow Cultivo Nepantla on social Media.
  • What is the funding campaign to support the growth of Cultivo Nepantla?
  • COVID-19 transformed how we look but cannot transform what we  care  about.
  • Creating a network of knowledge and support.
  • How are we preparing for the future after COVID-19?
  •  How can we support and participate with Cultivo Nepantla?
  •  Donate to  Cultivo nepantial here:

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