History and Anthropology Perspectives: Past, Present (COVID-19), and Future of Labor and Society

“The only justice that exists in this world is that which we create…”
– Elliot Kim

Topics:  History, Anthropology, Labor Rights, Society,  Society Changes
History and Anthropology Perspectives: Past, Present (COVID-19), and Future
of Labor and Society
Participants:  Elliot Kim,  Historian
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Discussion Topics:

  • “Hustory” is the human story.
  • What happens when you intersect labor rights as lived experiences with the academic perspective of a Historian?
  • How does the long history of people advocating for a just compensation of their labor, connect to the present COVID19 labor issues?
  • Why do we need to work 40 hours a week?
  • How will our work patterns change as a result of COVID-19?
  • How did the “unskilled worker” get reclassified as an essential worker?
  • Is there a difference between Hazard-pay and Equitable-pay?
  • What happens to the people that cannot do their jobs remotely?
  • Can we update an employment model that is approximately 200-years-old?
  • How do we recognize dignity in all labor?
  • Are the creative opportunities of employment changes being co-opted to reproduce exploitation of labor?
  •  Did Adam Smith believe it was economically more advantageous to convert a slave into an employee?
  • Do employers only see workers as non-human capital?
  • As a human being, how do you want to participate on this planet?
  • People power
  • Ludlow Massacre of April 20, 1914.    Why did the Colorado National Guard and Colorado Fuel and Iron Company guards attack 1,200 striking coal miners and their families in Ludlow, Colorado?
  •  How do we dream big? Dream beyond the expectations of being reasonable.
  •  Have you read Looking Backward by Edward Belamy?
  • What is the utopian vision for labor for an equitable world?
  • What is the difference between a living wage, family wage and a fair wage?
  • Does the arc of history bend toward justice or chaos?
  • Change is constant.
  • Are expressions of our power as individuals, able to change our reality?
  • Did COVID-19 sever our sense of collective work experiences?
  • How fast can we change society, to make it more equitable for everyone that is currently struggling?
  • Can we turn around society for the better in a week?
  • History happens through incremental  changes but also through abrupt shifts and marked moments.
  • Was Emit Till killed as a result of a lie from Carolyn Bryant?
  • What is your perception of time?
  • How do we image the future?
  • “The struggle of man against power is the struggle of memory against forgetting”
    Milan Kundera
  • Is history cyclical?
  • What are useful physical tools for understanding   concepts   such as History, Society and  Time?
  • How do we acknowledge our own agency to do better?
Image by MichaelGaida from Pixabay

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