It’s Not a Trend: History of Police as Violence and Community Voices for Accountability

 “ If we are really  being serious of  pushing  for public  safety or for having  a dignified humanity or seeing life as precious, we not only have to abolish the police in its current form  and the way law enforcement is right now,  but we also  have to  abolish the cop in our head…”
—  David Chavez

Topics:  History, Police Violence, Police accountability. Labor, Community Safety
It’s Not a Trend: History of Police as Violence and Community Voices for Accountability
Participants:  David Chavez,  Historian
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Discussion Topics:

  • What is the history of police violence in USA?
  • What did the Black Panthers and Brown Berets say about violence from the police? 
  • Were the police  held accountable for starting riots to stop the labor movement?
  • What was the police involvement in the Haymarket Massacre of  May 4, 1886?
  • What was the police involvement in the Black Wallstreet Massacre of Tulsa Oklahoma May 31 and June 1, 1921?
  • When did police take part in lynching?
  • “It’s not [ a trend] to bring up the issue of police violence,  In fact it is historical”- David Chavez
  • How do the military patterns of no-knock raids in Afghanistan become visible in the no-knock raids by police at home.
  • The attention on police violence has grown to the point that Teen Vogue has articles addressing police abuse.
  • Why do people try to frame the attention on police accountability as an inverse discussion to police killed on duty?
  • For some communities calling the police for help means risking injury by the same police that respond to the call.
  • What is the connection between the present police and the slave patrols of the 1800’s?
  • What is state abandonment?
  • How can we examine the relationship between Whiteness and policing?
  • Can people perceive themselves as White by being on the side of police?
  • Is the police an organization that is anti- labor movement?
  • What happens when we apply police accountability as an employment issue?
  • How do we learn to self-regulate our movements as a response of fear of being targeted by the police?

 Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

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