Politics of COVID-19: Is This Our Chernobyl Moment?

“It’s so strange that you would have a system, where so much abundance goes to such waste.”- Dave Poyer

Topics:  Politics, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, 2020 Presidential Elections , Government Bail Outs
Politics of COVID19: Is This Our Chernobyl Moment?
Participants:  Dave Poyer, Political Junky
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Discussion Topics:

  • How much has changed in the world of US Politics?
  • Will the death of judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg affect the Presidential election?  
  • Is the American Care Act at risk with a replacement supreme court judge?
  •  Why did the democratic party settle for the ACA instead of single payer Medicare system for all?
  • Is government designed to represent the common folks?
  • Was the 2020 Care Act the greatest upward transfer of wealth in recent US History?
  • Is the COVID moment   our Chernobyl moment?
  • Why did we bail out the cruise shop   companies?
  • Does Naomi Klein’s book, The Shock Doctrine   help explain transformative political and capitalism changes?
  • How does the politics of an Appalachian coal town differ from downtown Los Angeles?
  • Is Donald Trump’s wealth equivalent to the 1%?
  • What is the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee?
  •  If you can’t raise 2 million dollars just from the   contracts in your cell phone, then the DCCC doesn’t want you?
  • Why did the DCCC oppose Alexandra Ocasio-Cortes’s political run?
  • Are corporate interests shaping the rise of global conservative nationalism?
  • Are people realizing that they are like serfs, or wage-slaves?
  • What   kind of economy do we have where there is over supply of food and homes yet there is an increasing percentage of people   hungry and without   shelter?
  • Capitalism is full of inconsistencies.
Image by StudioKlick from Pixabay

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