Online Teaching and Learning Under COVID19: Adjusting to the moment.

“Who are the great teachers right know? I look at the people that have tailored their teaching to the moment… I think you have to adjust your expectations to the moment. And the professors and teachers who have gone beyond, are those that have done so openly and clearly for this pandemic.”-Precious  Fasakin

Topics:  Education,  Students , COVID 19, Zoom fatigue
Online Teaching and Learning Under COVID19: Adjusting to the moment.
Participants: Precious  Fasakin
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Discussion Topics:

  • What is the student perspective to remote learning in response to COVID19?
  •  How do teachers feel about teaching during COVID19?
  • How do we go to college under COVID19?
  • How did “zoom” change the way  we decompress from school time?
  • Why did school expectations change from insecurity]at start of the shut down to the present high demands?
  • What was lost in the transition from in-person education to online classes? 
  • Can Educators acknowledge that this  school moment is not normal?
  • How are the roles of teachers and students changed  under a COVID19 education?
  • What does school look like when we put students first, people first, and  community first?
  • How are teachers supposed to ask students to turn in work , when they might have had a death in the family as result of COVID19?
  •  Why do educators second-guess themselves in their ability to teach appropriately and effectively under COVID19?
  • Can we be open about our vulnerability as students or teachers?
  •  Maybe our fatigue is not with learning  but  more specifically we are tired of being on the computer?
  • What is screen fatigue?
  • Why are some students struggle with the online format, while other students are succeeding?
  • Can we adjust to this  emergency by accessing anopportunity to adjust for greater potential?
  • How do we take  inventory of the things that did not work  while teaching online ?
  • What are some successes of online teaching?
  • This pandemic has forced us to imagine better futures.
  • How has teaching online changed the physical university model?
  • This pandemic has highlighted the  importance of support of office administrators, technical , registrar and maintenance in keeping the university system running.
  • The reliance on video classrooms has forced a reveal  that did not exist before.
  • Is asking students to turn on their cameras an unwarranted invitation to their homes?
  • Why do most teachers have  a bookshelf in the background of their videos?

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