When Does a Riot Become a Coup d’état?

“  I really think the reason we haven’t heard [the  phrase coup d’état] more is because … I don’t think some people fully understand what [a coup d’état] means. What  does it mean for a  modern dictator to take power?  I don’t  think Americans are  fully acquainted with that [experience]…”
– Dave Poyer

Topics: January 6, 2021, DC  Capital Trump Riot, Insurgency .
 When Does a Riot Become a Coup d’état?
Participants: Dave Poyer,
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Discussion Topics:

  •   Is the for-profit model  of health care designed to address the COVID-19 pandemic?
  •  How do we make sense of what happened on January 6, 2021 in Washington D.C.?
  •  When was the last time that the capital was ran sacked?
  • The rioting in D.C was not an accident.
  • What were the logistics  necessary to get over 66, 000 people to the US capital on January 6?
  • At what point does a  riot become an insurrection?
  • How do political street fights move to political parties?
  • Is the Hawaiian shirt a coded uniform for the “proud boys?”
  • What will be the risk to the “ right of assembly” resulting from the January 6, 2021 protest that that turned into an unlawful entry into the Washington  D.C. Capital?
  • Will peaceful protests become criminalized because of the actions of the DC rioters?
  • Is there a difference in calling the actions of the entry into the  capital, an insurrection instead of coup d’état?
  •  What is the difference between legitimate and illegitimate power-grab?
  •  Why did we create funny memes of the people that entered the capital instead of taking actions of the rioters more seriously?
  •  How did information become weaponized?

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