Stop Asian Hate: Building  Solidarity Communities

“   History does demonstrate that when we know better, we do better… and that’s what gives me hope…  ”- Elliott Kim

Topics:  Asian Hate,  Racism, History, Anthropology, Community
Title:  Stop  Asian Hate: Building  Solidarity Communities
Participants: Elliott Kim -Historian, Educator, Community Organizer, Actor and Writer
Publish Date: 04/05/2021
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Discussion Topics:

  •  Is Anti- Asian hate, a resurgence of  historic  racist recipes of the United States?
  • What is the relationship between the current anti-Asian acts of violence and anti-black  racism?
  •  Why are older people targeted, when they are unable to fight back?
  •  What is the documented history of anti-Asian violence?
  •  How many of us have been targets of violence because of the color of our skin?
  •  Where do communities that are not perceived as White or Black, fit within the conversation of the white-black binary?
  • Is the violence against Asian communities legitimatized by the  beliefs of American nationalism?
  • What California law made it illegal to bring a  legal case against a white man?
     People v. Hall 1850
  •  Why do we call some people “aliens?”
  • Where does the hate come from?
  • What is the difference between willful ignorance and conditional ignorance?
  • How optimistic are we for humanity?
  • How do we dismantle systems of thought for our self-liberation?
  • How do we build  communities of safety?
  • Does hatred  live in the infrastructure?
  • Where do we find our optimism for a better future?

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay 

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