Speaking of Care: When in Community, We All Count

““There is something that you don’t, that they all don’t recognize.  This is  all of our struggles.   The working class, whether they be on the left or the right. They have the same struggle.
The system is not working for us…we are the working class, and we recognize that these systems are hurting us” – Blue  Andrade

Topics:  Perceptions of community. Social, political and economic safety during COVID-19
 Speaking of Care:  When in Community, We All Count
Participants: Blue Andrade
Publish Date: 02 /20/2021
Homepage : http://www.dreport.org

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Discussion Topics:

  •  Perspectives on community.
  •  Returning from Cuba to U.S pandemic.
  •  How did Cuba respond  to COVID- 19 differently from the United States?
  •  What happened to the workers when the  employers stopped paying the extra $2 pay for working during the quarantine?
  •  Are we experiencing different perceptions of reality?
  • Is the government also part of our community?
  • What is fake concern?
  • Is it genuine for the government to state that it cares for peoples’ safety , If the police a  government official place people at risk of injury?
  • How did the private companies become wealthier during COVID-19 while so many people were struggling?
  • Is the United States of America a country of contradictions?
  •  Can the government  trust the people?
  • How do communities protect one another when the government does not  protect the people?
  • How has the quarantine  affected the work of the communities of care?
  • During the shutdown, we can see the transparency of the capital extraction system.
  •  Why  are the words socialist, radical, and activist taboo?
  •  How do we speak with full optimism of this things we want?
  • What are the contradictions  in a system that requires you to play but makes it hard to play the game?

Image by truthseeker08 from Pixabay

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