La Escuela de la Raza Unida: A Classroom at the Shade of Every Tree

““ A la sombra de cada  arbol, una aula escolar.  At the shade of every tree there was a classroom” – Alfredo Acosta Figueroa

Topics:    La Escuela de la Raza Unida,    Education, Chicana Movement, Freedom Community School
Title – La Escuela de La Raza Unida: A classroom at the Shade of Every Tree
Participants:  Alfredo Acosta Figueroa , Angelica Figueroa Rodriguez
Publish Date: 06/22/2021
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Discussion Topics:

  •  Was Blythe California originally a mining town?
  •  How did La Escuela de la Raza Unida begin?
  • Why did showing a video of Nixon eating grapes outside the Los Angeles Memorial Auditorium  result in aggression against a student in a MECHA meeting in a Blythe school?
  • The failure of the school board to respond to the demands to reprimand the principal for injuring the MECHA student resulted in Demesia Figueroa saying “ we will never send another one of our children to the  public school.”
  •  How do you build a school when you are not a formally trained educator?
  •  The office of United Farm Workers and Bert Corona  Bert Corona – Wikipedia were supporters of the school, La Escuela de la Raza Unida.
  • The  Escuela de la Raza Unida  was started on May 1, 1972
  •  How did the old  post office building become the  new site of the school ( La Escuela de la Raza Unida)?
  • KERU,  Chicana bilingual radio station in  California.
  • The students in the school were active participants in the college and community movements.
  • Crystal City, Texas and Denver, Colorado also started similar schools to La Escuela de la Raza Unida.
  • Why was it against the law to sing the corrido of Joaquin Murrieta?
  • Pedro J Gonzales, Los Madrigadores  was one of the first  Mexican American radio broadcasters in Los Angeles in 1927/8?
  • What type public school of education program was being offered to Mexican- American and Chicana students in the 1950’s, 1960’s and 1970’s?
  • Agricultural Workers Community, AWOC
  •  In 1965  there was a grape strike in Coachella.
  • Tlatelolco school in Denver Colorado.
  • Why didn’t the other community alternative schools last as long as La Escuela de La Raza Unida?
  • How did La Escuela de la Raza Unida  operate without state funds?
  •  Why did  Cesar  Chavez donate a bus to La Escuela de la Raza Unida ?
  •  What was the student experience of attending La Escuela de la Raza Unida?
  •  What are the post COVID-19 plans for La Escuela de la Raza Unida?

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