College and Community During COVID (a year later).

Topics:   College Attendance, UC Berkeley,  First  Generation College Students, COVID and College

Title : College and Community During COVID (a year later).
Participants:  Zion Rodriguez Aceves
Publish Date: 10/14/2021
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Conversation Topics:

  •  You can listen to the last  year’s conversation here:  Graduating During Covid-19
  • College and Schooling during time of COVID ( a year later).
  • How did students prepare to enter college during the stress and uncertainty of a quarantine?
  • What was your experience of first year of college, while online?
  • Is going to college online similar to going away to college with everyone that you know?
  • Are second-year college students attending college in-person for the first time, behind or delayed in building new communities?
  • How did the online format become an asset by getting the college curriculum without having to leave the community of support behind?
  • The online format allowed us to include our families into the class.
  • What are the difficulties for technically second year-students, moving to college to attend in-person for their first year?
  • How do we prepare to adjust to the shift from online to in-person college experiences?
  • What happens  when the university treats you as a second-year student, but  it’s your first-year on campus?
  • What are foundations acquired during the first year of college attendance? 
  • Figuring things out together.
  • How is campus life different during  COVID?
  • Do students wear masks on college campuses?
  • How do teachers feel about being in class with so many students?
  • Is there a college social life during COVID?
  • What are the different college retention factors for students?
  • Is UC Berkely a radical school?
  •  Are colleges open to hear from new voices?

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